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July 2010 - self released // 200
May 2011 - Static Age // 150


released July 10, 2010

Recorded by Ski and Jake, Summer 2010 in Lewisham, London.



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Track Name: Hometown Hatred
if this is my only home
then why the fuck am i so alone
why can't i feel alive
where the fuck can i truly hide

hometown hatred don't you feel the same
hometown hatred nothing's changed
hometown hatred what am i to do
hometown hatred fuck you

here i can get away from my past
away from relationships that never last
from the hate that spreads like a plague
from the pricks that pushed me away

i find my solitude in this city
peace in a place that shows no pity
hope in a world that never sleeps
away from the place that got too deep
Track Name: Clean Slate
i wanna spend my nights alone
walking round the wreckage of a broken home
anything to drive away
this emptiness inside of me

sometimes i wanna feel
what it is to feel again
like that time when i was searching for my sanity
you just went and tore it away from me

you went and tore it away from me

as a last resort
i'm gonna live my life with no remorse
for the ones who made me who i am
driven to a life they could never understand
Track Name: Do It Cos
so sick of trying to find the answers
when everything i do feels wrong
so sick of trying to find a solution
and all that ends up is a fucking song

i've got nowhere left to run

never happy with those around me
never happy with myself
so when i'm tired of blaming others
i just blame my mental health

so fuck my mental health

i've got nowhere left to run
cos every shitty thing i do feels fun
only happy when i'm putting others down
why the fuck would you still want me around
Track Name: Police Be With You
sick of being seen as a suspect
sick of being seen as a threat
i'm sick of being prosecuted
for something that i haven't even done yet

that's not justice

it's been the same for a while
see them coming and i run a mile
too many nights inside
that's why i feel like i've got my hands tied

i know you've had that feeling
where life's devoid of meaning
and destruction is your only choice
to make them finally here your voice
Track Name: Addicted To Failure
always too little too late
i knew they could never relate
whatever we were trying to do
it all fucked up because of you

i've got nothing to lose
got nothing to prove
i had nothing to live for
but now the joke's on you

bitter and empty
yeah i'm hollow inside
and fuck the memories
they're all tainted with lies
point your fingers
and point them at me
it was always empty
don't you fucking see
Track Name: No Comment
no love for no one
no faith in no one
no love for no one
no trust in anyone

if it aint tied down it's mine now
if it aint tied down it's mine
if it aint tied down it's mine now
if it aint tied down it's fucking mine