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7" vinyl
August 2011 - The Essence // 100 red, 200 black
November 2011 - Six Feet Under // 100 green, 200 black
July 2012 - The Essence // 150 orange

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released August 15, 2011

Recorded by Ski and Jake, March/April 2011 in Bethnal Green + Canning Town, London.



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Track Name: Children Of The Void
we are the children of the void
with no ambition, it's all been destroyed

displaced, disgraced
controlled by the state
how can we end this misery
Track Name: Forever Alone
i'm sorry, but i've never meant a word i've said
cos these emotions, they don't exist within my head

i've never meant to let you down

if i'm an island, then sail the fuck away
cos i'm gonna be like this
i'm gonna be like this every fucking day

and i'm sorry, for everything i've put you through
and i'm sorry, cos i've never told the fucking truth
Track Name: Still There
i try to relax but it's still there
sleepless nights it's still there
i hate myself it's still there
erase myself but it's still there

this paranoia in my head
it's dragging me down i don't wanna be dead
i've got this fear and it's in my bones
but it's the only constant i've ever known

every night it's still there
i'm crashing down it's still there
i hit the ground it's still there
is this it? it's still there
Track Name: Tourism
you've got it all
but you didn't want it
they gave you the world
but you didn't want it

be happy in your perfect life
why do you want this fucking strife
if it's to be like your friends
then tell me where it fucking ends

you're a fucking tourist
begging for respect
but you're just waiting
for your next arrest
you might think that you've beaten them this time
but you're just waiting for what's next in line.
Track Name: Waste
digital heroes, a waste in the flesh
why are you here, there's nothing to gain

all of you people are dead to me

play your games, go and climb that ladder
you're all the fucking same
Track Name: History
we'll never have days like these again
i wanna hold each one til the fucking end
we're not like them and they'll never be us
we do what we want and we don't give a fuck

memories fade, people change
why dwell on the past
we could be making history

i don't wanna miss out on memories
i wish you were here to share this with me
bittying round every single day
raising beers we never fucking pay
Track Name: No Alibi
every week it's the same routine
you're posing like a punk in your self made scene
clinging on to your youth
living for the weekend that's the fucking truth
you're just a poser with nothing to say
this is our life so stay the fuck away

if this is culture, then i want out
i don't wanna listen to all that shit you fucking spout